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Ignas is a family business with over 20 years of tradition and experience in providing painting and decorating services throughout London. Despite the fact that we operate throughout the capital, most of our clients come from Central London and this is where we have done and still carry out the most projects. What is painting and decorating in Central London all about?


The most important aspect is experience

We are proud to call ourselves one of the most experienced painting and decorating companies in London - and especially Central London. During the many years of Ignas' existence, we had the pleasure to work on commercial, residential and public sector projects. We have renovated and painted offices, houses, flats, historic tenement houses as well as very modern, luxurious residences.

The experience gained in this way allows us to undertake projects of all sizes - both spectacular renovations of facilities that require the highest quality equipment, the most expensive materials and work around the clock, as well as more modest, low-key projects requiring a personalized approach and attention to the slightest detail.

Regardless of the size of the painting or decorating project in Central London we carry out, we always approach our work with a focus on the quality of workmanship and the durability of the results of our work. We do that so that our clients can enjoy the renovated facilities for years to come.


What characterizes the work of painters in Central London?

Central London is a vast part of London that extends over several boroughs. For this reason, there are several different definitions of what exactly Central London is. For us, the most important thing is that Central London is very diverse - covering so many different zones, it provides a full architectural cross-section. We can find here both luxurious, traditional mansions and modern apartment buildings. Naturally, there is also no shortage of public facilities in Central London. For this reason, painters and decorators working in Central London must be very versatile and must have extensive knowledge of working in a variety of styles.

When renovating buildings in London, it is very important to remember that the results of our work must create a coherent whole with the rest of the surrounding buildings. At Ignas, we always make sure that the results of our work decorate a given region, and do not conflict with its decor. That is why, before starting work, it is good to get to know not only the current architecture and style but also the roots and source. This helps you stay true to the principles of a given region.



Central London style - how to decorate and paint in such a diverse place?

It is very difficult to pinpoint which style is dominant in Central London, so it is very difficult to answer this question. For us, Central London is a place where styles flow from all the zones surrounding it. It is both a mixture and the essence of London for us.

That being said, professional painters and decorators working in Central London should have experience working with most styles found throughout London. There are no typical projects here - each project is different and may involve the renovation of a facility that would normally be expected in a different part of London. For this reason, we consider Central London to be the most demanding area to work for painters and decorators, but at the same time the one that offers the most opportunities for professional development and improving one's competencies. Having beensuccessful in Central London, we know that we are able to successfully provide our services in any other part of the capital!


If you're looking for professional painters and decorators to renovate your Central London facility, don't hesitate to contact us - we're still accepting assignments for 2021!

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