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Commercial Painting and Decorating in London

Our com­pany Ignas was designed for cli­ents who expect the highest work and mater­i­al stand­ards. For 20 years, we have been provid­ing high-class paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing ser­vices in the neigh­bor­hood of Kens­ing­ton. Our offer includes the interi­ors of lux­ury flats, com­mer­cial build­ings, as well as facades and oth­er exter­i­or elements.

Our com­pany’s headquar­ters are placed in Kens­ing­ton — it’s here where we have star­ted car­ry­ing out com­mer­cial and indi­vidu­al exclus­ive pro­jects. Hav­ing a long track in the industry allowed us to con­struct a qual­i­fied team of paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors in Kens­ing­ton who pride in developed tech­nic­al background.

The neigh­bor­hood is situ­ated in the west­ern part of Lon­don. Its heart is Kens­ing­ton High Street, known as one of the most expens­ive shop­ping streets in the world. The neigh­bor­hood con­tinu­ously attracts the tour­ists who mainly vis­it Museum of Nat­ur­al His­tory, Vic­tori­a’s and Albert Museum and Sci­ence Museum that are situ­ated here. One of its main attrac­tions is Kens­ing­ton Palace sur­roun­ded by stun­ning gar­dens. Anoth­er one is the fam­ous Roy­al Albert Hall, where vari­ous cul­tur­al events take place. There are numer­ous embassies in the Kens­ing­ton area; it’s also inhab­ited by many politi­cians and millionaires.

Since its launch, our com­pany man­ages to meet the cli­ents’ expect­a­tions, provid­ing premi­um class paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing ser­vices. We are reli­able, flex­ible, and approach every pro­ject indi­vidu­ally. The qual­ity of the ser­vice and the com­pet­ences of our pro­fes­sion­als were quickly appre­ci­ated by cli­ents, in whose lux­ury res­id­en­cies and big com­mer­cial build­ings we have been car­ry­ing out works for many years.

Our services include:

Residential Painting and decorating

Our paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors in Kens­ing­ton will man­age to ful­fil any task without com­prom­ises — regard­less if it’s about smooth­ing the walls in the settled col­our, or renov­a­tion of the wooden floor. We own tools neces­sary to fin­ish the interi­ors in an excep­tion­al stand­ard, meet­ing the investor’s expectations.

Exterior painting and decorating

As an effect of our work on the facades, the build­ing will be pro­tec­ted against the destruct­ive effect of the weath­er con­di­tions. The paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing works per­formed by our pro­fes­sion­als provide an aes­thet­ic­ally pleas­ing fin­ish­ing of the extern­al walls. That raises the over­all value of the build­ing. We carry out works on objects of any size, main­tain­ing the  highest stand­ards of safety.

Commercial Painting and decorating

We offer a full range of ser­vices on the scope of paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing such objects as hotels, schools, hos­pit­als, shop­ping cen­ters, and res­taur­ants. Our team of paint­ers in Kens­ing­ton, thanks to thought­ful plan­ning, man­age­ment, and com­mu­nic­a­tion, can man­age the time effect­ively and carry out the works in the highest stand­ard, fin­ish­ing before the deadline.

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