Exterior painting & decorating in London

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Exterior Painting and Decorating in London

A solid and methodical approach to exterior renovation.

A pro­fes­sion­ally painted prop­erty exter­i­or can make a fant­ast­ic impres­sion and genu­inely show­case a home, or com­mer­cial premises. It can also sig­ni­fic­antly increase its value and provide pro­tec­tion from harsh weath­er for many years to come.

To achieve these essen­tial out­comes for our cus­tom­ers, we imple­ment a thor­ough and meth­od­ic­al approach to exter­i­or renov­a­tion. Our highly-skilled team of exter­i­or paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing pro­fes­sion­als use their train­ing and exper­i­ence to ensure that every step of the pro­cess is car­ried out without compromise.


Advice and tech­nic­al assessment

We will first provide a tech­nic­al assess­ment to determ­ine wheth­er there’s any dam­age to address. If we find that façade ele­ments have become worn or expired, we’ll scrape them off, or strip them out entirely.

In addi­tion, we’ll advise on which paint and mater­i­als to use in order for you to achieve the desired effect. We’ll con­sider the aes­thet­ics, along with the essen­tial dur­ab­il­ity of the fin­ished result.

Pre­par­a­tion and equipment 

Most of us know that pre­par­a­tion is key in tack­ling any kind of work pro­cess.
But it’s espe­cially import­ant when it comes to exter­i­or paint­ing pro­jects.
Sur­faces are sanded, filled and made 100% fit for paint­ing and fin­ish­ing. And a vari­ety of appro­pri­ate tech­niques are used, ensur­ing best res­ults from a range of robust, spe­cial­ist materials. 

We work on build­ings of all sizes, includ­ing office blocks. To do so, we deploy a range of equip­ment: lad­ders, towers, scaf­fold­ing arrange­ments and even mobile elev­at­ing work plat­forms when required.

Exterior Painting and Decorating in London

Train­ing and qual­ity control 

Ignas has full pub­lic liab­il­ity insur­ance and all team mem­bers hold val­id CSCS cards and have had IPAF and PASMA train­ing. We’re also approved by the Safe Con­tract­or Scheme

Each pro­ject has its very own appoin­ted tech­ni­cian who is respons­ible for qual­ity con­trol and deliv­er­ing each stage of the job to the client’s satisfaction.

They are there to provide reas­sur­ance and updates whenev­er the cli­ent requests it. 


Safety and permits 

We nev­er cut corners on any aspect of a job, and that is espe­cially true for acquir­ing the cor­rect licenses and per­mits. You’ll have full peace of mind that we have per­mis­sion from the loc­al author­ity to carry out work, and any equip­ment we use is leg­al, insured, and has been pro­fes­sion­ally tested for use. 

All Ignas team mem­bers are trained in first aid and attend ongo­ing train­ing to ensure they are fully aware of the latest tech­niques in order to com­plete the best pos­sible job. 


Excep­tion­al fin­ish and durability 

Our tried and tested meth­ods add up to an aes­thet­ic­ally beau­ti­ful, dur­able, long-last­ing fin­ish that provides out­stand­ing value for money and pro­tec­tion for your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lowest temperature you can paint outside?

Paint­ing in low tem­per­at­ures is gen­er­ally not recom­men­ded. How­ever, if you decide to carry out works in a cold sea­son, remem­ber to avoid paint­ing in tem­per­at­ures below 3 degrees Celsius.

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