Wallpapering in London

Wallpaper hangers of distinction
Planning, preparation, and patience… it all adds up to perfection.

Wallpapering in London

You won’t need to buy any ‘just in case’ rolls.

We under­stand exactly how nervous it can make you feel when buy­ing an expens­ive wall­pa­per and then hav­ing to trust someone you don’t know to hang it.
We call it “hangst”. But it’s okay, we have what we believe the very best solu­tion in the busi­ness – she’s our secret weapon when it comes to all things wallpaper.

Mag­da has been expertly hanging wall­pa­per for over 15 years. That’s all she does. And she’s done it for some of the UK’s top interi­or design­ers. Not only that, she knows all the nuances of the world’s lead­ing wall­pa­per brands: De Gournay, Phil­lip Jef­fries, Ste­reo Interi­ors, Pierre Frey, Alt­field and Nile & York to name more than a few.

We’re here to help you decide which wall­pa­per to choose, should you like us to, and take the pre­cise meas­ure­ments in order to make sure you don’t buy more paper than you need.
We then hand the job over to Magda.

Before she even con­siders the install­a­tion, she scans the wall like a fal­con track­ing its prey.
Search­ing for any lumps, bumps, cracks or chips, then decid­ing how best to fix any flaws before the artistry begins. In short, the qual­ity of the work you’ll receive will be so ‘high-end’ it’ll last well into the next cen­tury. Aside from that, it will look jaw-drop­pingly stun­ning – 100% GUARANTEED.

How we do it

  • Provide a con­sulta­tion to decide on the best paper
  • Sug­gest sup­pli­ers if need be
  • Meas­ure up
  • Pre­pare using the most appro­pri­ate techniques
  • Appoint the greatest pro­fes­sion­al in the industry to hang the wallpaper

Why you should use us

  • We aim squarely for a super­i­or finish
  • 100s of sat­is­fied customers
  • Top pro­fes­sion­als at your disposal
  • Know­ledge of all the major wall­pa­per manufacturers
  • Excep­tion­al planning
  • Clean, tidy, and always courteous

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prime walls before wallpapering?

Just as a fresh lay­er of paint, the wall­pa­per also needs prim­ing. The primer guar­an­tees longer dur­ab­il­ity and a smooth­er sur­face. Also, it cre­ates a bar­ri­er between the wall and wall­pa­per what pre­vents prob­lems with tak­ing off the layer.

Is wallpaper easy to remove?

It depends on a few factors. If the primer was used before the applic­a­tion of wall­pa­per, tak­ing it off will be less chal­len­ging. Also, some types of wall­pa­per are easi­er to remove than oth­ers. Before remov­ing it, try soak­ing it.

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