Plastering in London

There’s smooth, then there’s IGNAS smooth.

plastering London

To get the perfect finish, you need to create the perfect beginning.

There are many London-based trade professionals out there who tout themselves as professional plasterers. But if there’s one thing we’ve learnt in this business, it’s to know everything you can possibly know about the surfaces you’ll be plastering, before you learn about the actual plastering itself.

This is just another example of how we take a unique approach to the work we do: by paying attention to the detail. Naturally we’ll ensure that our plastering looks nothing short of amazing but also, regardless of whether it’s for an interior or exterior, we’ll make sure that it lasts well into the distant future. That’s why we offer guarantees that many of our competitors wouldn’t dare offer.

There isn’t a surface that we cannot plaster, including polymer limestone, gypsum and concrete. And if the job demands a spray plaster, we have all the equipment in-house to do that too. We’re always prepared.

Full plastering services

  • Cement, gypsum, polymer limestone, dispersion materials
  • Advice on selecting the right materials
  • Diligent preparation
  • Ability to smooth without creating curves
  • Manual or spray plastering


Our approach


  • Consult and provide advice
  • Provide free quotation
  • Select best materials
  • Prepare all surfaces – period and restoration experts
  • Sweat the detail
  • Complete work
  • Polish

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plaster over paint?

Yes, you can plaster over paint, but only in case, there are no cracks and holes on your wall. If the wall is not in a good condition, remember to sand, refill, and clean it before.

Do I need to remove wallpaper before plastering?

Yes, you should remove the wallpaper before plastering. If not, the adhesion of the plaster will be worse. That may result in shorter durability and uneven texture.

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