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Ignas is a professional company specialized in home painting and residential painting. Over the course of 20 years of work, we’ve managed to settle the highest standards of cooperation with clients, supporting them in their pursuit of having a beautiful, carefully finished house. We want your house to be home – a personal space, with interiors that influence the atmosphere and comfort positively.

The highest quality of residential painting – without compromise

Ignas offers professional services on the scope of home painting in London. Our main priority is the clients’ satisfaction and meeting their needs. We approach every order individually, exploring the client’s expectations, lifestyle, and preferences. In our work, we use only carefully selected materials of the highest quality. We also put importance to the preparation of the surfaces to be painted, what’s the key to achieving satisfactory long-term results.

The service of residential painting consists of painting and decorating all the elements of the house, including walls, ceilings, wood, and metal surfaces, as well as build-in wardrobes and furniture. It allows us to achieve the effect of an aesthetically coherent interior that stuns with its look and underlines the unique atmosphere of the house. As professional residential painters and decorators, we also carry out works in the range of external painting and decorating, including the facades and other outside elements of the building.

Our goal is to provide the service of the highest quality – without compromise. We treat the houses of our clients with respect, taking care of them the way we would take care of our own. For many, residential painting is only work – for us, it’s a true passion and a way of life. We cooperate with carefully selected professionals from related sectors. It allows us to provide extended service going beyond the standard home painting and residential painting.

Complex service tailored to the needs of every client

Residential painting carried out by Ignas is not only the painting itself – it’s a broader service that includes forging the plaster and putting it from the basis, as well as complete slicing of the wall and ceiling, smoothing the surfaces, taking off the wallpapers and putting new ones, restoration of the door and shutters, and many others. Every service is developed from scratch by our specialists and adjusted to the individual needs and the specifics of the house.

We pay a special attention to protecting the interiors during the works, providing protection for the surfaces, furniture and other elements. We always move the removable equipment to the safe place. After finishing, we always provide a good clean-up. The selection of our employees is based not only on their predispositions and experience, but also personal culture. Our work never interferes with the household’s peace.

Being an accredited member of Safe Contractor, Ignas fulfils the rigorous norms of health and safety of work. All our residential painters are trained in the field of OSH, and have CSCS cards and permissions to work at heights at their disposal. The controllers and managers trained in work management and first aid are in charge of the safety on each stage of works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prime walls before painting?

Yes – you should always prime the walls before painting. The primer makes the paint more durable and its texture – smoother. However, you may also consider buying paint and primer as a 2in1 product.

How much does it cost to paint a house?

The estimation depends on many factors such as the area to cover, the choice of paint, primer, and other materials. If the walls are in a bad state, the removal of additional layers will increase the overall costs.

The time to complete the project is also very importnat, sometimes the client can expect a very express service. It is important whether the house will be occupied by the tenants during the works, or whether there will be furniture in it. There are many aspects that affect the price and only after a full interview with the client the price can be built.

What to look for when hiring a painting contractor?

Before hiring a painting contractor, ask for their portfolio and references. Also, remember about verifying their insurance and permissions. It is worth searching for the companies with Safe Contractor accreditation.

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