Spray painting in London

Ultra-fast painting with a beautiful long-lasting finish

spray painting London

Time really is money, but that’s never a reason to compromise on quality.

Airless spray painting is an excellent solution for people who either need a job to be finished quickly or have a large surface area to cover. Either way, the technique required to carry out a first-class job is something of a specialism.

We’re one of the leaders in the field of airless machine spray painting and have carried out a number of projects, including commercial, domestic, and industrial. We know exactly which paints to use for a specific job; plus, we’re experts at fireproofing and using anti-corrosion liquids.

Being PASMA and IPAF certified means we are fully insured and qualified to work high up, assemble towers and use powered access equipment. Spray painting is particularly efficient at covering external walls and despite the way it looks, can in fact provide a very delicate finish.

Perfect for:

  • Spraying large surfaces
  • Dealing with large projects in short time frames
  • Using specialist paints
  • Anti-corrosion proofing
  • Fireproofing
  • Delicate finishes

Works well on:

  • Shop windows
  • Doors and doorframes
  • Window shutters
  • Wooden surfaces
  • Metal and metallic surfaces
  • Concrete
  • Plaster

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does spray paint stay tacky?

The spray paint should not stay tacky for more than 3 days. If it does, you may have used too much at once. In such cases you may need to wait a little bit longer.

How many coats of spray paint?

It depends on the surface and its shape. Try to apply as few layers as possible while covering the entire space. Usually, two coats are enough.

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