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Ignas is a family business that has been providing painting and decorating services to all London neighbourhoods for over 20 years. We know Westminster well, as that’s where we often have the pleasure of working on luxury projects. What characterizes the work of painters and decorators in Westminster, and what are its most important aspects?


Knowledge of architecture and style is essential

When performing our services, we always have the final result in mind, which must meet all the expectations of our clients and be consistent with the general architecture and decor of the area. For this reason, an experienced painter is a person who knows not only about his profession, but also the history of the place where he works.

Westminster has a rich history, which makes its architecture unique both on a national and global scale. It is a place deeply rooted in Gothic – starting with Westminster Abbey church and ending with the Palace of Westminster representing the neo-Gothic style. In the work of decorators in Westminster, it is extremely important to remember about this heritage and to ensure that the effects of our work are cohesive with it and enhance it.

Of course, Westminster is not only about tradition and the classic style but also has a completely new, modern face. As painters in Westminster, we also work on commercial or utility projects that require a completely different approach. Versatility and knowledge of various painting and decoration techniques are the essence of working in this profession, especially in such a diverse and fascinating city as London, so we are more than happy to oblige.

When working in Westminster, we always select an individual and personalized approach to the projects we work on. It is very important to us to ensure that the results are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also durable and offer outstanding longevity. As painters and decorators working in London, we want the objects we renovate to please the eyes of our clients and the local population for many years. This is also because we respect our clients’ budgets. We do not want to have to incur multiple expenses – it is better to do the job once and well and so that it will serve for years to come.

As a painting and decorating company, we operate mainly based on recommendations, therefore the highest quality of workmanship and a great result are our work, for us is a form of advertising – only by offering the best effects, we can remain in our position in the renovation industry in London.


What kinds of projects do we undertake in Westminster?

In Westminster, we work for very demanding customers who expect nothing but perfection – and that’s exactly what they get. We use the highest quality materials and equipment, so we can offer the best results.

Importantly, high quality applies not only to the results of painting and decorating works but also to the work culture. For our exclusive Westminster customers, discretion is key. All our employees are well trained and experienced in the field of work culture and hygiene. We always make sure that we are as discreet to our clients as possible. It happens that we work in homes or facilities normal work or life going on. We pay utmost attention to not disrupting it.

For our clients from Westminster, we offer work on weekends and public holidays. We go the extra mile to adapt to their schedules, so as to best meet their requirements.

What do we offer for our Westminster clients?


Residential Painting and decorating

We renovate and rejuvenate residential buildings in Westminster.

● Exterior painting and decorating in Westminster 

The scope of our work very often includes painting the exteriors.

● Commercial painting and decorating in Westminster

We are happy to work on commercial facilities – we have extensive experience in this field.


If you are looking for experienced painters and decorators in Westminster, call us or write to us – we still have available dates for 2021!


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