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Ignas is a fam­ily busi­ness that has been provid­ing paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing ser­vices to all Lon­don neigh­bour­hoods for over 20 years. We know West­min­ster well, as that’s where we often have the pleas­ure of work­ing on lux­ury pro­jects. What char­ac­ter­izes the work of paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors in West­min­ster, and what are its most import­ant aspects?


Know­ledge of archi­tec­ture and style is essential

When per­form­ing our ser­vices, we always have the final res­ult in mind, which must meet all the expect­a­tions of our cli­ents and be con­sist­ent with the gen­er­al archi­tec­ture and decor of the area. For this reas­on, an exper­i­enced paint­er is a per­son who knows not only about his pro­fes­sion, but also the his­tory of the place where he works.

West­min­ster has a rich his­tory, which makes its archi­tec­ture unique both on a nation­al and glob­al scale. It is a place deeply rooted in Goth­ic — start­ing with West­min­ster Abbey church and end­ing with the Palace of West­min­ster rep­res­ent­ing the neo-Goth­ic style. In the work of dec­or­at­ors in West­min­ster, it is extremely import­ant to remem­ber about this her­it­age and to ensure that the effects of our work are cohes­ive with it and enhance it.

Of course, West­min­ster is not only about tra­di­tion and the clas­sic style but also has a com­pletely new, mod­ern face. As paint­ers in West­min­ster, we also work on com­mer­cial or util­ity pro­jects that require a com­pletely dif­fer­ent approach. Ver­sat­il­ity and know­ledge of vari­ous paint­ing and dec­or­a­tion tech­niques are the essence of work­ing in this pro­fes­sion, espe­cially in such a diverse and fas­cin­at­ing city as Lon­don, so we are more than happy to oblige.

When work­ing in West­min­ster, we always select an indi­vidu­al and per­son­al­ized approach to the pro­jects we work on. It is very import­ant to us to ensure that the res­ults are not only aes­thet­ic­ally pleas­ing but are also dur­able and offer out­stand­ing longev­ity. As paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors work­ing in Lon­don, we want the objects we ren­ov­ate to please the eyes of our cli­ents and the loc­al pop­u­la­tion for many years. This is also because we respect our cli­ents’ budgets. We do not want to have to incur mul­tiple expenses — it is bet­ter to do the job once and well and so that it will serve for years to come.

As a paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing com­pany, we oper­ate mainly based on recom­mend­a­tions, there­fore the highest qual­ity of work­man­ship and a great res­ult are our work, for us is a form of advert­ising — only by offer­ing the best effects, we can remain in our pos­i­tion in the renov­a­tion industry in London.


What kinds of pro­jects do we under­take in Westminster?

In West­min­ster, we work for very demand­ing cus­tom­ers who expect noth­ing but per­fec­tion — and that’s exactly what they get. We use the highest qual­ity mater­i­als and equip­ment, so we can offer the best results.

Import­antly, high qual­ity applies not only to the res­ults of paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing works but also to the work cul­ture. For our exclus­ive West­min­ster cus­tom­ers, dis­cre­tion is key. All our employ­ees are well trained and exper­i­enced in the field of work cul­ture and hygiene. We always make sure that we are as dis­creet to our cli­ents as pos­sible. It hap­pens that we work in homes or facil­it­ies nor­mal work or life going on. We pay utmost atten­tion to not dis­rupt­ing it.

For our cli­ents from West­min­ster, we offer work on week­ends and pub­lic hol­i­days. We go the extra mile to adapt to their sched­ules, so as to best meet their requirements.

What do we offer for our Westminster clients?


Residential Painting and decorating

We ren­ov­ate and reju­ven­ate res­id­en­tial build­ings in Westminster.

● Exterior painting and decorating in Westminster 

The scope of our work very often includes paint­ing the exteriors.

● Commercial painting and decorating in Westminster

We are happy to work on com­mer­cial facil­it­ies — we have extens­ive exper­i­ence in this field.


If you are look­ing for exper­i­enced paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors in West­min­ster, call us or write to us — we still have avail­able dates for 2021!

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