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Ignas is a fam­ily-run paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing com­pany. We are char­ac­ter­ised by a com­mit­ment to qual­ity, atten­tion to the smal­lest details, ver­sat­il­ity and a unique approach to each pro­ject. With over 20 years of exper­i­ence serving res­id­en­tial and com­mer­cial pro­jects, we can say that we are one of the most exper­i­enced paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors in Chelsea.

We under­take pro­jects through­out Lon­don, but we believe that in order to be able to offer the right qual­ity in terms of paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing, it is import­ant to know the spe­cif­ics of the zone in which you work. Thanks to the know­ledge of Chelsea’s his­tory and the par­tic­u­lar types of archi­tec­ture that occur here, we can ful­fil the tasks entrus­ted to us to the highest stand­ard, regard­less of the type of build­ing involved in the project.

What we value most about Chelsea is its diversity. A lively and inter­na­tion­al com­munity, an artist­ic soul, and a pas­sion for both tra­di­tion and mod­ern­ity make Chelsea a fas­cin­at­ing and invari­ably sur­pris­ing place. In our work as paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors in Chelsea, we make sure that the effects of our actions cre­ate a coher­ent and har­mo­ni­ous whole with the envir­on­ment — regard­less of wheth­er we are paint­ing a build­ing loc­ated close to tra­di­tion­al objects or an office build­ing adja­cent to oth­er examples of mod­ern archi­tec­ture. Our goal is not only to receive yet anoth­er inter­est­ing pro­ject but also to make the “vil­lage of palaces” more beau­ti­ful so that it can con­tin­ue to delight both its inhab­it­ants and tourists.

Chelsea — where sport and artistry go hand in hand

Paint­ing res­id­en­tial and com­mer­cial build­ings in Chelsea requires us not only to use the highest qual­ity mater­i­als but also calls for appro­pri­ate train­ing and a com­mit­ment to qual­ity. For this reas­on, all paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors work­ing for us have the appro­pri­ate cer­ti­fic­ates, and con­stantly improve their qual­i­fic­a­tions in the use of the most mod­ern paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing tech­niques as well as in health and safety. The exper­i­ence gained over the years also allows us to provide ser­vices at the appro­pri­ate level — we care about dis­cre­tion, we try not to make noise and we do our best not cause any down­times for you or your employees.

As paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors work­ing in Chelsea, we under­take pro­jects in the field of:

Res­id­en­tial paint­ing and decorating

We beau­ti­fy and restore walls, win­dows, win­dow sills and oth­er dec­or­at­ive ele­ments of a house or apart­ment. We make sure that our pres­ence is as least bur­den­some as pos­sible for the house­hold mem­bers, and our employ­ees com­ply with all safety standards.

Com­mer­cial paint­ing and decorating

We under­take pro­jects in the field of renov­a­tion of com­mer­cial facil­it­ies such as offices, hos­pit­als, schools and much more. If you need a team of paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors in Chelsea who respect your time, stick to the set dead­lines and not cause down­times, then you’ve come to the right place.

Exter­i­or paint­ing and decorating

We have exper­i­ence in paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing extern­al ele­ments of build­ings, and our pro­fes­sionalem­ploy­ees ensure effi­cient per­form­ance, spec­tac­u­lar effects and safety

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