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Ignas is pro­fes­sion­al entre­pren­eur­ship work­ing in paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing for over two dec­ades. It is a fam­ily com­pany hir­ing only the best and veri­fied paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors in North Lon­don, which approach their work with great pas­sion and engage­ment. Such an atti­tude allows provid­ing our cli­ents from North Lon­don with only the best qual­ity of ser­vices, which are per­formed with atten­tion to every detail. Ignas bases its ser­vices on the usage of the best qual­ity mater­i­als, which are adjus­ted to the spe­cif­ics of a par­tic­u­lar pro­ject, includ­ing the settled budget and the archi­tec­ture of the real estate.

Dec­or­at­ors and paint­ers in North Lon­don that cooper­ate with us stand out from the teams work­ing in the city with their prac­tic­al skills, know­ledge, and exper­i­ence, as well as an impec­cable approach to the cli­ent, what makes cooper­a­tion with our com­pany pleas­ant for both sides. Pas­sion and engage­ment, which we put into every pro­ject, allows us to reach the best res­ults, being fully in line with the cli­ent’s expect­a­tions. We pay import­ance not only to the looks of real estate but also the dur­ab­il­ity of the effect. We put all our efforts into mak­ing sure that even the most chal­len­ging require­ments will be brought into real­ity. We treat every pro­ject as a poten­tial trade­mark of our com­pany’s pro­fes­sion­al skills.


North Lon­don — what is typ­ic­al for this part of the city?

North Lon­don is an inform­ally defined area of the cap­it­al of Great Bri­tain, which includes the parts of the city loc­ated to the north of the River Thames. North Lon­don starts from Clerken­well and Fins­bury and fin­ishes on the bor­der of Great­er Lon­don and Hert­ford­shire. The point of its sep­ar­a­tion is to divide East and West Lon­don. Some parts coun­ted as North Lon­don are also con­sidered as the Cent­ral Lon­don area.

The archi­tec­ture of North Lon­don is very diverse, as its area includes a wide range of city and sub­urb­an areas. In this part of the city, the res­id­en­tial archi­tec­ture can take up a typ­ic­ally urb­an form, as well as show ref­er­ences to the Eng­lish coun­tryside. The most typ­ic­al examples are the red brick houses in the Edwar­d­i­an style, which can be found in most north­ern areas.


Paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors North Lon­don — what can we offer to loc­al clients?

North Lon­don is one of the main areas of ser­vice for Ignas. The dec­or­at­ors and paint­ers in North Lon­don who cooper­ate with us know the spe­cif­ics of this area and approach each order indi­vidu­ally, mak­ing sure that they are put­ting the cli­ent’s vis­ion into real­ity. In the area of North Lon­don, we carry out the works on the scope of a res­id­en­tial build­ing, and renov­a­tion, which attracts cli­ents that are plan­ning restruc­tur­a­tion and renov­a­tion of their real estate.




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