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Your happiness is the purpose of our work

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Your happiness is the purpose of our work

Ignas – painting and decorating contractors in London 

We are a family company of painters and decorators, which has entered the market almost two decades ago. Since the beginnings of our work as painting and decorating contractors in London, we’ve known that our main aim will be to provide the highest standard of service and innovative solutions to our clients. As professional decorating contractors who place importance on the highest diligence of performance, we’re able to execute even the most demanding and complicated projects for clients who expect the perfect result. The clients’ satisfaction and their smile is the biggest gratification for us.

The highest standard of work is our main pursue. Clients have quickly appreciated our skills, enthusiasm, and passion for executing the orders, which allowed us to work as painting and decorating contractors in the luxury residences around London. We’ve been taking care of the aesthetics and finishing of English commercial units and public institutions for years.

We treat every single order as a challenge, carrying it out with particular attention to detail. Managing a company of professional decorating contractors in London, we base our work on mutual trust and building good relations with all our clients. The impeccable manners of our managers, workers, and contractors facilitate it.

Hand your project over to the experienced painting and decorating contractors London! 

Working as professional painting contractors for almost two decades, we’ve learnt that each project should be carried out with the concern for quality and accuracy and with the use of carefully selected materials. During 20-years of our work, we’ve executed various projects in the most prestigious parts of London such as Kensington, Chelsea, and Westminster. It allowed us to recognize the clients’ needs, and learn to respond to them.

We decorate and paint the interiors and exteriors of flats, private houses, and other buildings. Our clients include the owners of the private houses, flats, and luxury residences, as well as administrators of such objects as offices, restaurants, hospitals, shops, schools, and art galleries. We approach every project with thoroughness, carefully selecting the finishing solutions and materials,

Ignas is a trusted and reliable painting and decorating contractor that puts the client’s satisfaction first. The combination of perfection, accuracy, experience, and professionalism allows us to carry on the most sophisticated projects for the clients who are not afraid to make their dreams come true.

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