Painting and decorating in London in times of COVID-19


The current pandemic situation has left its mark in almost every market. As painters and decorators in London, we also had to adapt the way we provide our services to make do in the new reality and provide our customers with comfort and safety. What does painting and decorating look like in the age of coronavirus?

The coronavirus has changed us all

We are aware that for many of our clients, letting strangers into their homes is a serious decision. Especially at the beginning of the pandemic, when the information chaos was much more severe than it is today, people in London were very often afraid of any interpersonal contacts and preferred not to risk carrying out repairs.

This was especially felt in the run-up to and during the first lockdown. As painters and decorators in London, we had far less work then – contracts were suspended or terminated. For the sake of our and our clients’ safety, we have also stopped several projects to minimize risk and comply with the initial government guidelines. Now, and we are very happy with it, the situation has changed, and we again have our hands full of work.

Safety first

The reason why people change their attitude is primarily knowledge. Today, we know a lot more about the coronavirus itself, the COVID-19 disease it causes and how to prevent the spread of the virus. We know that by taking the right precautions, we can significantly reduce the risk of transmission. As a result, many services – including painting and decorating – are now possible again and we can work as usual. Of course, this is done with all security measures, because we believe that, especially nowadays, safety is a priority.

What precautions do we take?

At Ignas, we adhere to all governmental health and safety guidelines when providing services. This applies not only to the work itself but also to making valuations or determining the scope of work! First, we offer a project quotation service without visiting the client at home. Remote valuation means that you can today plan renovation works which are to take place in a month, two or more. Customers can provide us with information about their needs through digital materials. The
dimensions of the rooms and photos will allow us to estimate the scope of work, quote and create a plan.

Thanks to the remote valuation and remote design service, our clients can calmly think about the scope of work that will meet their expectations, without worrying whether (sometimes repeated) visits by specialists do not increase their chances of being infected with the coronavirus. We believe that nowadays such an approach and such solutions are the most valuable and useful, and at the same time responsible.

Second, all work is carried out in the necessary protective equipment that limits the possibility of the spread of the coronavirus. We work with masks and we suggest to people in the area where renovation works are taking place that they should also use them. We sanitise our hands regularly to ensure there is no transmission of the virus to items we come across. We treat all Health and Safety regulations and rules to the letter – this is especially important these days!

We want you to feel safe

We know that people at increased risk should avoid potentially dangerous situations at all cost. We suggest to these people that they, in order to ensure that they are not exposed to the virus, contact their general practitioner and agree with him whether the painting and decorating work should be done or if it is better to postpone it.

Do you need expert help with painting and decorating in London? Contact us!

Despite the hard times, we make every effort to ensure that the people of London can live as normally as possible. Considering that most of the travelling is off for the moment, times are favourable for renovation and painting of houses, apartments and offices. With the help of painters and decorators who know how to keep you safe, you can make the most of this downtime. At least to some degree, it compensates for the sacrifices we must make to counter the coronavirus!

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