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Located just east of the City, Tower Hill is a busy area that often requires the work of professional painters and decorators. From trendy condos and apartments to commercial properties and warehouses, to the rarer Victorian houses, Tower Hill provides us with a variety of jobs.


Renovation of facilities near the Tower of London

As painters and decorators working in London, we must know the ins and outs of the architecture and design of each district of our great capital. It is no different in the case of Tower Hill, which offers very unique buildings. With its most famous representative – the Tower of London – Tower Hill is a place with an extremely rich history. The presence of such objects as Tower Bridge and Leadenhall Market may indicate that our most common assignment as painters and decorators in Tower Hill is renovating historic buildings, but this is not always the case. In Tower Hill, we paint and decorate mostly commercial properties, often much more modern than what you’d expect to find here!


Typical architecture in Tower Hill

The neo-gothic style is of course the hallmark of Tower Hill, but not the only one that can be found here. The buildings surrounding the bridge or the Tower of London are very often completely modern facilities that require a modern approach and contemporary style.

In Tower Hill, our assignments most often concern painting and decorating commercial objects – there is no shortage of restaurants, shops, warehouses and other types of commercial facilities here.


What’s the most important thing about painting and decorating in Tower Hill?

Considering that Tower Hill is a place that is visited by a lot of people – especially during the week – renovation, painting and decorating that we provide are most often carried out using high-quality materials. Such materials are characterized by high durability – especially in the case of commercial buildings, the paint must last for many years, no matter how busy the office or store is.

We have proven methods to produce results that will serve the owners of commercial properties in Tower Hill for years to come. This is very important to us because we always respect our clients’ budget – and the best investment is an investment in quality.


Painters and decorators in Tower Hill




How do our painters and decorators for commercial buildings work?

We often work in objects where business is going as usual. In such cases, we separate the part where the renovation is taking place, so as not to interfere with the work of the rest of the facility.

Our painters and decorators are characterized by an extremely high personal culture and work culture. During more than 20 years of Ignas’ existence, we have developed reliable methods and standards to provide our customers with discretion and comfort when painting and decorating.

At the same time, we also pay great attention to safety. Our employees use all kinds of important protective equipment – both to ensure that the work is safe and not to pose any threat, as well as to meet epidemiological safety standards. Our priority is to ensure that our clients feel safe when we work.


Painting and decorating a commercial facility is an investment

We see renovation work as an investment – and that investment has to pay off. During our many years of experience working for companies of every level in London, we have learned what is the most efficient and what the customers like. That is why we are always happy to advise our own clients on which elements of equipment and decor present the greatest potential for improving the image and quality of the company’s services. We care about the interests of our clients because we rely mainly on recommendations – and we have had no problems with that for 20 years!

If you are looking for proven painters and decorators in Tower Hill, with specialisation in commercial buildings, contact Ignas – we will be happy to advise and help you!

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