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At Ignas, we take pride in the effects of our work as painters and decorators in London. We like to share the results with our readers, which creates an additional opportunity to explain the intricacies of domestic refurbishment, exterior decorating or commercial painting. For this reason, today we would like to describe to you two projects that we had the pleasure of carrying out in North London.

Painting in the heart of Hampstead

The first object that we had the pleasure to decorate and paint delighted us at first sight. It’s a charming cottage-style house. Also, it must be mentioned that it is listed on the National Heritage List for England, as Grade II, so we had to be careful not to lose any of its unique character.

We have to admit that painting and decorating this object in Hampstead was extremely pleasant – the building is surrounded by lively greenery and charming hills which creates a truly idyllic scenery.

The scope of our work included painting part of the interior of the house. What is very important – the cottage is inhabited and fully equipped. We had to make every effort not to be burdensome for the household members and not to damage he home’s equipment. Cleanliness of work was one of the priorities here.

In addition to home painting, we also undertook to decorate and renovate the building. The facade of the house has been completely repainted. We renovated the windows, which required carpentry work – and afterwards, they also were painted.

The painting and decorating work that we have done on this project shows the importance of cleanliness – especially if the object being refurbished is inhabited.


Painters and decorators in Hampstead


Painting and decorating in Maida Vale

Another project in North London that we want to present was painting and decorating a five-story building in Maida Vale. In this case, not only the location – North London – is a common feature between the projects, but also the fact that this building was also inhabited throughout our work.

As part of the work on the house in Maida Vale, we have thoroughly repainted the walls in the inhabited rooms. The most interesting aspect of this project was the logistics necessary to renovate in the least burdensome way. Due to the size of the building, the painting was done by dividing the house into sections – so that residents could enjoy privacy in one zone while another was being painted.

As you can see, both projects, even though they concerned completely different types of buildings, had something important in common – working with the residents and their equipment present at the site. Domestic refurbishment in London is often run in the presence of residents of the houses being renovated. This poses additional challenges for contractors. Home painting must be carried out with complete discretion and work culture.

What’s more, we have to be very careful not to damage the equipment belonging to the residents – furniture and other household appliances. Everyone probably knows how irritating it is to carry out a renovation only to notice at the end that a lot of the equipment is either damaged, scratched or dirty with paint. That is why it is worth choosing a renovation team that specializes in painting and decorating inhabited objects.

As painters and decorators operating both in North London and in other zones in the capital, we have nearly 20 years of experience, thanks to which we know how to work in the least invasive way. We strive to provide our clients with the greatest possible comfort despite the work carried out. Our goal is to perform renovations in London in such a way that the residents do not notice us at all.

To ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services as residential painting specialists, we only delegate the most experienced, cultured decorators and painters who know how to behave and work in an inhabited home.

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