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Providing commercial painting and decorating services in London is quite a challenge. In addition to the necessary experience, you need the appropriate training, technique, tools and, to be honest – talent. Well, that and a fair bit of planning, logistics, a thoughout strategy, management and OHS… it all ads up to a great experience of using the services of true professionals. However, how to assess whether the quality of services actually meets the above requirements? We believe that satisfied customers and their recommendations prove it!

We are proud of our commercial projects

In our over 20-year career as painters and decorators for commercial buildings in London, we have had the privilege to work on many types of projects – both small and spectacular. While the available budget, the materials and techniques in use often differ, one thing does not change – we approach each project with the same amount of care. In order for you to learn more about the standards of our work in painting and decorating commercial buildings in London, we have described some of them in detail – you can read more about them at THIS link. There you will find in-depth descriptions of our past works, complete with photos. They include such facilities as a hospital, school, office space and more. This will allow you to see the effects of our work with your own eyes and decide if it is worth trusting us and choosing us as painters or decorators for your facility.



What’s special about commercial painting and decorating in London?

As we have already mentioned, working on commercial properties is slightly different from working on residential properties. We often have to work on really tight schedules which absolutely can’t be shifted. Lets take a school as an example – if we have to repaint and redecorate all of the halls during the winter break, before children come back from their holidays, it is absolutely crucial to deliver the project on time, right? That is why pre-planning and logistics are crucial – everything has to be done on time with exceptional quality. Management is crucial in the case of commercial painting and decorating.

Another thing is that sometimes we have to work with the business going on as usuall on-site. For this reason, is very important to combine a high personal culture of contractors with discretion and hygiene at work. When our employees paint or decorate an office or other commercial space, they make every effort to ensure that the working people hardly notice their presence – there is no mess, noise or lack of tact. Employees secure the surface so that no damage is done and that after they finish working in a given room, no traces remain – except for the beautifully restored walls, that is!

Of course, it is not as everything can be done silently and without the slightest noise, but we know well that the side effects of work can and must be minimized, especially in the case of spaces where work takes place and customers or applicants are received. Work culture is not everything – especially nowadays, hygiene and the most stringent OHS standards are also very important. Our employees are constantly trained to comply with these standards – they have the appropriate certificates and realize how important it is to provide customers with a sense of security. All our employees have CSCS cards, managers are trained in the safe management and have first aid qualifications. Also, employees receive PASMA training, which gives them the right to use mobile scaffolding and work on IPAF lifts.

During work, appropriate protective equipment is worn – including masks and gloves – and the hands and surfaces are frequently disinfected. All this is done so that our clients have a sense of security and peace of mind.

We adapt to the type of your business

In order to ensure the highest standard of services in the field of painting and decorating commercial spaces in London, we offer adaptation to the specifics of your business. We respect the schedule, set individual plans and adjust logistics so that you can run your business and renew your space at the same time – so that one does not interfere with the other. We offer work at specific hours or on holidays if required by the client. Most importantly, we have extensive experience in servicing commercial projects – we are not amateurs and we know very well how to work in a way that will add value to your business, not disrupt it. With us, you don’t have to worry about bothersome downtimes!

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