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Richmond upon Thames is a green and gorgeous borough of London, once belonging to the county of Surrey. To this day, the stunning architecture of the old Municipal Borough of Richmond (Surrey) adorns the city of London, with a great number of amazing buildings like the Old Town Hall.

When looking for painters and decorators in Richmond (Surrey), you’ll need professionals who know the local architecture like the backs of their hands. Here at Ignas, we’ve finished numerous projects in Richmond, giving us insight into working with the local buildings. We’re used to working on commercial and residential projects within the area, with our absolute priorities being quality and timely delivery.

At Ignas, we have over 20 years of experience in painting and decorating in London. We cooperate with the best professionals in the field to deliver large and small projects around the city, be it offices, schools, hospitals, or art galleries. Need help with painting and decorating in Richmond-Surrey? We’re here for you!


Painters and decorators in Richmond-Surrey

The gorgeous architecture of the old Richmond in Surrey

Created back in 1890, the borough of Richmond was established first as part of the parish of Kingston upon Thames. The borough soon expanded, with a gorgeous town hall built to commemorate the success. The Old Town Hall has served its purpose for almost 80 years, up to 1965, when the borough was transformed into the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

About half of the borough’s area is filled with parks and green spaces, with beautiful landmarks such as Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, Old Deer park, or Bushy Park. Inbetween the parks reside cosy residential areas, sprinkled with local businesses and professional services. Nowadays, it is one of the richest boroughs in London, owing its success to strong foundations established by its founders.

Richmond-Surrey offers a lot in terms of arts and culture, with a couple of renowned museums, art galleries, theatres, and an abundance of local performance groups. You’ll find unusual buildings in this area, from an early 17th century Stuart house to the home of George III and Queen Charlotte themselves – definitely a lot of gorgeous and expensive realestate that requires a careful approach when renovated. When renovating a property here, always look for professional painters and decorators who operate in Richmond-Surrey.


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The characteristics of professional painters and decorators in Richmond-Surrey

If you own a property in Richmond upon Thames, you definitely already know its high value – to preserve it and even increase it, cooperate with only professional contractors when working on a project here. Incompetent renovating can be ruinous for property value, so use only the services of trusted experts.

The beautiful borough of Richmond houses many unique and delicate buildings, including historic sites and gorgeous landmarks.

Here at Ignas, we’ve accomplished dozens of projects in Richmond upon Thames. We know how to handle delicate and expensive architecture – we have over 20 years of experience in working on small and large projects, both commercial and residential, as well as public services buildings. Whether it’s an office you need to redecorate or your house needs a new coat of paint, we’re here to help.


Timely delivery and high-quality results: professional painters and decorators at Ignas

We work all over London to bring you the quality of service you deserve. We work on a variety of projects all-year, located in the areas of Central London, North London, West London, and South West London, as well as:

If you’re ever in need of professional painters and decorators in London, we’re here to deliver – contact us with details of your project and we’ll get back to you with a solution that’ll suit you!

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