How to find the right painters and decorators in London? The 5 qualities of good renovation experts


If your house needs renovation, you’ll need professional painters and decorators to make sure your property is getting a high-quality makeover. To avoid stress and extra costs when doing renovation works, look for experts in the field.

Finding just the right painters and decorators in London might be difficult – it might be tempting to go with the cheapest option, but that might not always be the wisest choice. Here’s what qualities to look for in competent renovation companies:

The 5 qualities of reliable painters and decorators

Making sure your contractor will provide high-quality service is the key to successful renovation works – but how to tell whether your painters are true professionals? Here’s 5 qualities to search for when looking for reliable painters in London:


Communication skills and politeness

To make sure your project is going to get done exactly as you have imagined it, your contractor requires proper communication skills to understand your idea fully. If you’re having trouble getting in touch with your service providers, or you feel like they’re not really listening to you, it might be best to abandon ship.

Professional painters and decorators are characterised by propriety and responsiveness. Here at Ignas, we’re dedicated to realising your ideas – just as you would have them. All of our experts remain polite at all times, with years of experience in renovating prestigious properties.


A rich portfolio of recommendations

If your painters and decorators have reasons to be proud of, they will definitely want to display them – look for testimonials and letters of recommendations before you decide to go with a given renovation company.

Check your contractor’s previous projects to get an idea of how good their work is. At Ignas, we’re proud to display all of our commercial, residential, and exterior projects in London.



Good online reviews

Thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to rely on hearsay and gossip to judge a company – there are online reviews of real customers that will tell you all about the quality of service.

Don’t skip online reviews just because of reading through recommendations – they can give you an additional insight into the customer experience. In addition to quality of work, online reviews also gauge politeness and approachability.


Extensive range of service

True professionals know what they’re doing and are ready to provide a range of services at their customers’ wishes. A reliable painting and decorating company should be ready to work on both commercial and residential projects, on both small- and large-scale renovation works.

Our company is ready to help you with all kinds of commercial and residential projects, including interior and exterior work. From painting and wallpapering to plastering and refurbishment, our experienced team of professionals will tailor the service to your needs.


An accurate quote

Once you start a project with a certain budget in mind, you don’t want to go over it unless absolutely necessary. Don’t trust companies that won’t give you an accurate quote for their work, as the final invoice might end up looking bigger than you have expected.

To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, always request a quote from your contractor. If you need help with a project, contact us for a free consultation!


Conclusion: go for trusted painters and decorators in London

It’s not worth it to let your project be ruined by incompetent workers – you’ll only end up going over your budget to fix all the mistakes. When you’re searching for an expert in the field of painting and decorating, we’re ready to help you out. At Ignas, we’re offering a customercentred experience, not just simple renovation works – we won’t let a single detail disrupt your vision.

With over 20 years of experience in painting and decorating in London and nearby areas, we work with precision and a friendly approach. Don’t let amateurs handle your property – choose Ignas!

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