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Hampstead External Renovation Project
Hampstead External Renovation Project

We are most proud of the orders from our reg­u­lar cus­tom­ers. They provide us with con­fid­ence that our ser­vices are appre­ci­ated and that we do our work well. There is no great­er praise for the level of our ser­vices as paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors in Lon­don than a sat­is­fied cus­tom­er who returns with a new job.

Res­tor­a­tion of met­al parts on the extern­al ele­ments of the building

The pro­ject com­mis­sioned by our return­ing cli­ent con­cerned the res­tor­a­tion of met­al ele­ments that were on the build­ing’s exter­i­or. To do this, it was neces­sary to com­pletely and per­man­ently remove old paint from met­al sur­faces, and then to dec­or­ate and repaint. To ensure a dur­able and aes­thet­ic­ally pleas­ing effect, we used the highest qual­ity met­al paints. Our pri­or­ity was to provide the metals with pro­tec­tion for many years so that the next renov­a­tion would not be neces­sary for a long time.

Addi­tion­ally, as always when deal­ing with exter­i­or dec­or­at­ing in Lon­don, we had the aes­thet­ic aspect in mind — simply put, our goal was to restore the met­al ele­ments of the build­ing to their former glory.

Hampstead External Renovation Project

As part of this pro­ject, we have performed:

  • remov­al of old, used paint from metals
  • high-qual­ity repaint­ing with spe­cial­ized met­al paints


Whether it’s a commercial or residential project we’re working on, we are 100% committed to achieving the highest possible standard – every time.


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