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We are most proud of the orders from our regular customers. They provide us with confidence that our services are appreciated and that we do our work well. There is no greater praise for the level of our services as painters and decorators in London than a satisfied customer who returns with a new job.

Restoration of metal parts on the external elements of the building

The project commissioned by our returning client concerned the restoration of metal elements that were on the building’s exterior. To do this, it was necessary to completely and permanently remove old paint from metal surfaces, and then to decorate and repaint. To ensure a durable and aesthetically pleasing effect, we used the highest quality metal paints. Our priority was to provide the metals with protection for many years so that the next renovation would not be necessary for a long time.

Additionally, as always when dealing with exterior decorating in London, we had the aesthetic aspect in mind – simply put, our goal was to restore the metal elements of the building to their former glory.


As part of this project, we have performed:

  • removal of old, used paint from metals
  • high-quality repainting with specialized metal paints


Whether it’s a commercial or residential project we’re working on, we are 100% committed to achieving the highest possible standard – every time.


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