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Experience is always what distinguishes real professionals. This is what we offer our clients at Ignas - experience in serving clients from all over London. Each district of our great capital city is different and has different requirements, so if you are looking for painters and decorators in Fitzrovia, you need those with many years of experience under their belts.
That's us!

What is Fitzrovia characterised by?

We can provide the highest quality painting and decorating services in Fitzrovia because we know it inside out. This gorgeous district near the West End has a mix of all kinds of buildings. The projects we worked on in Fitzrovia concerned both residential painting and decorating, but also commercial. This diversity - from houses, through offices to public buildings such as hospitals or schools, makes Fitzrovia a very diverse place, and thus - interesting to work in.

Fitzrovia has been the cradle of bohemia in the past - many writers have lived there, including George Bernard Shaw, Arthur Rimbaud and Virginia Wolf - and this artistic soul is certainly felt today. We do not forget about it, because our goal is to complement the character of a given district and be consistent with its soul.

Lots of iconic buildings

In addition to traditional London architecture, in Fitzrovia, you will also find very distinctive facilities, such as the BT Tower or The Gaslight on Rathbone Street. Then again, Fitzrovia has many faces. It can be seen in such buildings as One Bedford Avenue, which in turn offers a much more modernist style. As painters and decorators working in Fitzrovia, we need to know a lot of different styles and approaches to be able to match our work to both the surrounding architecture and the requirements of our clients. This is what distinguishes us from the competition - over 20 years of experience have allowed us to get to know Fitzrovia very well, thanks to which we can achieve successes when working on even the
most demanding facilities.

Very demanding customers in Fitzrovia

In 2016, Fitzrovia was chosen as the Best District to Live in London by The Sunday Times. This status translates into the presence of a lot of very sophisticated and demanding clients of our painting and decorating services in Fitzrovia.

When working on exclusive and luxury objects in this part of London, we often have the pleasure of using top-shelf materials and techniques. The combination of the highest quality materials with our experience allows us to obtain great results that last for years.

However, for our clients, materials are not everything - they also expect an appropriate approach to work, a very high culture of the professionals and often times - discretion. We guarantee all of these. Our employees have years of experience in serving demanding clients throughout London. They are discreet and very polite, thanks to which the client practically does not feel their presence in the rooms which undergo renovation. At the same time, we take care of work hygiene, always carefully securing all surfaces. We clean up after our work in a very thorough way, so that the client can enjoy a job well done and not worry about a mess. With us, the project service is comprehensive and at the highest level!

Implementation of painting and decorating projects in Fitzrovia on individual request

To be sure that we offer our clients 100% satisfaction and comfort, we implement projects following individual expectations. We can work on weekends and public holidays, as well as shifts if time is pressing. We advise and offer our experience in every aspect of renovating a building.

All this so that our clients know that by choosing us as their decorators or painters in Fitzrovia, they receive the highest quality of service and care.

Need experienced painters and decorators in Fitzrovia? Contact us and let's make an appointment!

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