Restoring former glory and shine of residential properties in Westminster


Painting and decorating in Westminster is a source of professional pride and many development opportunities for us. That is why today we decided to share with you what is most important to us in our work in this area of ​​London. How is painting and decorating buildings in Westminster different from working in other neighbourhoods?


Westminster – it’s good to know the roots

As with other luxurious and distinguished areas of London, Westminster has its unique architecture and atmosphere. In order to perform our work at the highest level expected by our clients, it is very important to know how to go about it while remaining in accordance with the style of the area and historical roots.

The architecture of Westminster strongly refers to the classics – the famous Westminster Abbey church and its Gothic style or the Palace of Westminster, which is the archetype of Victorian Gothic Revival style, are just some examples of the magnificent buildings that can be found here. However, of course, Westminster is not only about classic, traditional architecture, but also modern or even futuristic buildings that need to be painted or decorated. This diversity means that in order to be able to offer our Westminster clients the highest quality of service, we must be comfortable in many styles at the same time, and be aware that the effects of our work as painters and decorators in Westminster should be consistent with the rest of the area.

Considering and respecting the architectural diversity of Westminster, we always make sure to offer a personalized approach to the design and needs of our clients. Before undertaking painting or decorating works, we carefully check the object which is supposed to be renovated and pay strong attention to local architecture. Our goal is to make the effects of our work our best advertisement. Thanks to this, we can keep loyal customers and acquire new ones, as well as reach for even more fascinating tasks and projects.



A combination of elegance and modern chic

When we think about working in Westminster, what comes to mind are refined and luxurious objects that have been gnawed by the teeth of time, but under the first layer of wear and fatigue, they still hide true beauty – and our main task is to restore them to their former glory and shine. In Westminster, we mostly paint and decorate large residences. Our clients here are people who value quality and work culture, so in addition to using the highest quality materials and techniques, we make sure that our employees are always discreet and behave in an impeccable manner.

Work culture is what distinguishes us from the competition. During many years of working as painters and decorators in London, we had the pleasure of working for very sophisticated and influential clients and refined our work savoir-vivre to perfection. The painters and decorators who work for us always put our customers’ comfort and satisfaction first.


Health and Safety at Work for Painters in Westminster

In addition to sophistication and culture, our employees are also aware of safety and hygiene requirements, especially in these stressful times. We always work with masks and protective equipment so that our customers do not have to worry about the increased risk of virus transmission.

It is important to note that our customers in Westminster are very often very busy working people who cannot afford downtime, missed deadlines, or any other type of problem or delay. With us, they have nothing to fear – we are people of our word and we respect the time and resources of our exclusive customers. After the timeline is established, we respect it. Additionally, at the request of our clients, we can work on weekends or holidays to fully meet their requirements and expectations.


If you need experienced painters and decorators working in Westminster who know how to work on the most exclusive projects and meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients, do not hesitate to contact Ignas.


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