Happy New Year!

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We’d like to wish all of you a happy New Year! 2021 has been a wild year for all of us, trying to make ends meet during these difficult times - here’s to a more stress-free 2022, hopefully!

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we’ve kept ourselves very busy through 2021 - all year long we’ve been working on various projects, cooperating with our loyal customers. If we’ve been unavailable, that’s because we’ve had our hands full - with a large number of satisfied customers returning for more, and numerous projects already scheduled back in 2020, there was little time for anything else.

We weren’t hoping for much activity in 2021, as the start of the year looked grim for commercial businesses. Thankfully, offices, restaurants, galleries, and many more businesses could open up and re-establish their position on the market once again later in the year - giving us plenty of work to do in very little time. Our customers are our priority - both our old clients, coming back with new projects, as well as brand new clients seeking help with painting and renovation in London and neighbouring areas.

While we’re pretty much fully booked on larger projects for 2022, we’re still accepting new commissions - contact us and we’ll make sure to find a solution that suits you!

We believe this new year is going to be better for all of us - stay strong!

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