New painting and decorating projects in Notting Hill Gate


Today we would like to share with you information about the projects we have been doing in Kensington and Chelsea. We are always happy to come back here, as we often work in Notting Hill and Holland Park and know the area well.

Loyal and regular customers from Kensington and Chelsea

During our career as painters and decorators in London, we have had the pleasure of working for hundreds of clients, and the greatest praise and appreciation for our work is the fact that many of them become our loyal customers with whom we have maintained relationships for many years. The Kensington and Chelsea neighbourhoods are places where we have an exceptionally large number of such customers, which makes us proud and happy.

It also means that we often have the opportunity and pleasure to come back here to provide our services – and thus, we have managed to get to know the local conditions and architecture very well. This is important because we want the effect of our painting and decorating works in London to beautify the city – we want the buildings we work on to be consistent with the style of the area in which they are located.

Painting and decorating for the public sector

In addition to the typical residential and commercial renovation contracts, we have also had more and more public sector clients for some time. It also makes us very happy, because the differentiation of projects – and each type of project presents us with individual challenges and requires a unique approach – allow us to develop and apply new techniques, as well as improve our logistics and planning.

Another important aspect of providing our painting and decorating services to the public sector is the fact that we can improve the experience of both its employees and the people who use these places. The needs of both parties must always be taken into account when conducting our work, which is what makes these projects so interesting and also allows us fields for professional development.


Painting and decorating in Avondale Park

Our most recent project for the public sector involved decorating public buildings in Avondale Park.

As spring and summer are ahead of us, we had in mind that the renovated Avondale Park buildings will have to serve a large number of people with very different preferences. Most importantly, especially nowadays, safety always comes first. Even now, when the works were carried out, there were many people on-site. Our employees are aware of all restrictions and requirements related to the current pandemic situation and make every effort to ensure that our work does not pose any threat to the health of people in the vicinity.

If you are looking for trustworthy and experienced painters and decorators in London, contact us – we still have available man-hours for this year and are willing to undertake new projects!

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