Exterior painting in London during spring and summer


While many of you may be looking forward to your upcoming vacation, we at Ignas are looking forward to the most convenient time of the year to carry out the exterior painting and decorating works! Spring and summer offer such favourable conditions to refresh the exterior of your home or office that we can’t wait for the upcoming projects!


Why are spring and summer the best for exterior painting and decorating in London?

Outside of this season, London does not spoil its inhabitants with a too dry and sunny aura. From the point of view of painters working in London, spring and summer are the driest, making it easier to keep the surfaces to be refurbished clean.

Before painting an exterior wall, it is crucial to make sure it is dry – otherwise, the paint will not cover properly and will not last as long as it would on a dry, clean wall. For us, what’s important is not only the visual aspect but also the durability of our work.

We want our clients to enjoy the effects of renovation for many years. We ensure this not only by using the highest quality materials but also by utilising an appropriate technical approach to the work performed.

The combination of high-quality materials with the right technique is especially important when painting and decorating the exterior of buildings, as exterior walls have to withstand very difficult weather conditions such as wind, rain, frost and UV rays.

Additionally, in the sunny season, we are less likely to be disturbed by rain and wind, which may delay work or even hurt its overall quality.


In spring and summer, renovation works go faster

We are never in a hurry at work, but just like our clients, we are happy when they go smoothly and quickly, and when you can see tangible progress each day. In spring and summer, painters and decorators do not have to postpone their work as often as it may be in autumn or winter. In these less favourable months, excessive rains, wind, snowfall and frost can force us to wait for the weather to improve – sometimes delays can take not just days but even whole weeks. In spring and summer, we have to postpone work much less frequently, which is another advantage of carrying out renovation works in this period.


In spring and summer, painting and decorating is more convenient

If we do not have to worry so much about the capricious weather, we also do not have to spend time and resources preparing materials protecting against rain, wind and so on. Thanks to this, the work is not only faster but also more convenient for us. Although we are not made of sugar and we are not afraid of a little rain, the same cannot always be said about the wall covered with fresh paint. Of course, when we are done with it and the paint is dry, then the wall can withstand many years and many storms, but at the stage of painting, we cannot afford any uninvited moisture!


Great weather brings even better moods – and it shows!

As experienced decorators, we always have plenty of ideas to visually improve both the exterior and interior aspects of buildings. Still, when the weather is good, we are always in the best mood to come up with even better solutions. Our personal favourites of the season are parks and other similar public places – they are particularly attractive to paint and decorate in London in the summer.If you are still wondering whether it is worth renovating the exterior walls of your home or office now – do not hesitate. Thanks to the perfect weather for this type of work, your project will run smoothly, quickly and efficiently. It is also a great time to renovate if you don’t want to personally experience it – you can go on vacation and leave everything in our hands!

We have many years of experience and an unblemished reputation as painters and decorators in London. Our employees are always trustworthy, cultured and conscientious people – that’s why you can trust us with your property without fear, and after your return, you will hardly recognize it!

If you are looking for professional painters and decorators in London, contact Ignas – we will be happy to advise you and carry out your renovation.

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