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When we star­ted IGNAS, almost 20 years ago, there were two fun­da­ment­al prin­ciples that we decided to remain true to. The first, always deliv­er the highest qual­ity work­man­ship. The second, nev­er fail to provide cli­ents with the most reli­able cus­tom­er service.

Thank­fully, this approach was soon noticed by our cus­tom­ers. They appre­ci­ated the unusu­ally per­fect fin­ish we achieved, which res­ul­ted in us being asked to work on lux­ury res­id­ences and ser­i­ously large com­mer­cial projects.

These were the types of jobs where error or logist­ic­al com­plic­a­tions were
simply not an option.

How is it now?

We con­tin­ue our mis­sion.
We provide lux­ury paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing ser­vices for res­id­ences, offices, res­taur­ants, art gal­ler­ies, hotels, schools and all com­mer­cial places.
We meet the needs of people expect­ing the best stand­ards and a pro­fes­sion­al approach.
We are spe­cial­ists in strategy for com­mer­cial works.


What is your qual­ity con­trol process?

Each pro­ject has a ded­ic­ated man­ager or super­visor with the rel­ev­ant exper­i­ence for each par­tic­u­lar job. They ensure that the pre­par­a­tion has been car­ried out to the highest stand­ard, and that all safety meas­ures are in place before the main work begins.
They provide the cli­ent with reas­sur­ance that min­im­al dis­rup­tion will be made to their home or busi­ness and are on-hand through­out the entirety of the job.


Can you organ­ise logist­ics for large com­mer­cial projects?

Yes, we can. We have run the pro­jects with 25 oper­at­ives. We can oper­ate sev­er­al teams at once, often work­ing through the night to com­plete a job. Our ser­vice is 24/7.
We have become experts in the logist­ics field, using eco­nom­ies of scale to reduce cost, increase effi­ciency and to bring in a pro­ject on or ahead of time.


We are con­cerned about health and safety — what’s your policy?

It really is our num­ber one pri­or­ity. Our team has safety train­ing, and is fully insured.
We con­duct reg­u­lar in-house top-up ses­sions to keep our team up to date
and inspect our equip­ment regularly.


We are very proud of the work we provide for our cli­ents, so please feel free to famil­i­ar­ise your­self with our com­pleted projects.

To discuss any of your painting and decorating needs, be it
commercial, domestic, interior or exterior, give us a call today on 020 7971 7878.
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A ser­vice that we have cre­ated for people who want the best qual­ity of paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing, for sens­it­ive people who pay atten­tion to details. We guar­an­tee per­fect fin­ish of interi­or and exter­i­or of the res­id­ences. Fully under­stand­ing the home envir­on­ment and pri­vacy every pro­ject have well thought out pre­cise action plans to min­im­ize the bur­den on res­id­ents and is con­trolled reg­u­larly. We carry out rig­or­ous qual­ity con­trol. For lux­ury pro­jects, each paint­er and dec­or­at­or is selec­ted pre­cisely in terms of the qual­ity of work and per­son­al culture.


Your res­taur­ant needs paint­ing, but you are won­der­ing how to do it, because its clos­ing is lim­ited due to its oper­a­tion. Our logist­ics spe­cial­ists will cre­ate a per­fect action plan, and our paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors from Lon­don will per­form works at the highest level. We are trained in terms of health and safety and we work in unusu­al work­ing hours. In the case of very strict dead­lines, we offer a 24/7 work shifts or night shifts. We guar­an­tee the qual­ity and com­ple­tion of the pro­ject on time.


We are spe­cial­ists in logist­ics and work man­age­ment in com­mer­cial places. We cre­ate a pro­fes­sion­al plan of works adap­ted to the func­tion­ing of your offices. We guar­an­tee the per­form­ance of works with pre­vi­ously agreed dead­lines. We work cleanly and qual­ity of our work is very high. Our paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors from Lon­don are pro­fes­sion­als per­fectly famil­i­ar with the sub­ject of com­mer­cial works. We are pre­pared for night and week­end shift. We have all neces­sary health and safety training.


Places where paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing works are car­ried out by us with the utmost care, cleanly and pre­cisely. Work in shops and gal­ler­ies is asso­ci­ated with pre­cisely set dates for start­ing the pro­ject, and very short dead­lines. We have nev­er dis­ap­poin­ted our cli­ents. Every single paint­er and dec­or­at­or is trained for com­mer­cial works requir­ing great care and pre­ci­sion. Please con­tact us for more information.


We offer pro­fes­sion­al paint­ing and dec­or­at­ing for schools in Lon­don and the sur­round­ing areas. The sched­ule of our work is adap­ted to the func­tion­ing of the facil­ity so that it is not a bur­den on the school offices or classes. We guar­an­tee that the works will be car­ried out in accord­ance with the pre­vi­ously set dead­line. We help to choose strong and dur­able mater­i­als that are not harm­ful to people. All pro­jects are covered by a pre­cise action plan, and our paint­ers and dec­or­at­ors from Lon­don are friendly pro­fes­sion­als. We have all the neces­sary health and safety qual­i­fic­a­tions, and reg­u­larly organ­ise safety train­ing. Please take a look at our pro­jects and recommendations.


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